Voodoo Island

You have arrived at a Haitian island located well hidden in a lake.

This island holds many treasures, and you are here to explore its secrets.

But this is not a normal place. As soon as you hit the ground a deadly mist starts to spread out over the island. Your helicopter pilot informs you that he can only stay for 7 days and with that information you head out into the jungle...

Be the player that manage to do most missions on the island before the time has run out. Collect and craft items you need to survive and collect and craft items you need for the missions. Sabotage for the other players and always keep an eye on the clock so you dont miss the helicopter and end up stuck on the island.

The game can be played with up to 4 players.
Estimated playtime is around 2 hours with 2 players and around 3 hours with 3 or 4 players. You can choose to play more than 7 days but that will add game time. The time goes very, very fast when playing and the small time you wait for other players to make their moves are needed to plan your next move.

For each day in the game you draw an Island card that will be activ for that day. In a normal game you only play 7 days but the game have 22 different Island cards so the variation is very high. A strategy that works one day may not work the next day. All players can move the same amount of steps but steps can be added by crafting items or by using native helpers. The dices in the game are mostly used for placement of the deadly mist and the helicopter.

This is the final edition of the game.
(first and second editions was never up for sale)

The game has been tested for a long time and have over 100 game-hours on it. The feedback is very good and its a game that people ask to play over and over again.

The price can seem a bit high but it holds a lot of parts in very good quality. If you like games that vary from game to game and have strategies working in one game but not in another, you will love this game.



1 Rule book

4 Player cards

1 First on the trail card

1 Voodoo warrior card

2 Crafting guide cards

22 Island cards

48 Expedition cards

24 Mission cards

300 Supply and item tiles

4 Player pawns

12 Native helper pawns

4 slider clips

1 yellow cube

2 Dices

1 box

Price: $65.99


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