The Crystals of death valley

“You have arrived at Death Valley in the big desert of Tarrazo.
Death Valley got its name from the deadly water in all oasis that are located in the area.
You’re here because you have heard the legend of the beautiful crystals that can be found here. The area is hard to navigate in but you have found an old map that lets you calculate your route with good precision as long as you manage to stay on course.”

If you like games where you really can mess it up for other players, this is the game for you...
Players plan their move by using 5 out of 10 moving cards...
All players then move acc to the cards they have picked.
During the movements they will all do what they can to mess up the other players moves and put them out of track from the path they have planned.

"Mike is so happy because he are one step away from getting a crystal...
Now you play him a fake map and you get to change places on 2 of his moving cards... So instead of going one step to the left as he had planned he go one step to the right and straight into a poisoned lake and lose one in health... And when he finally get to the crystal you play a thief and steal it..."
Mike wants payback so he play a "Night card" on you that makes you lose one in health...
His happy again....
But only for a few seconds since you now play a "fireplace card" that protect you from the night..."

Read the rules and check the action shots to get a good picture of how this awesome game works...

Its so fun to destroy for others... and then shoot them down when they try to give payback.

Warning... Don't play the game when drinking... might not be healthy!
Have tried that 3-4 times and it can easy turn into WorldWar 3... :)


6 pawns
6 health trackers
36 crystals
1 big game board
64 moving cards
54 action cards
1 rule book
1 sand timer
1 big game box

Price: $58.99


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