"You are a native American indian warrior, son of a great indian chief.

You are on a journey to prove that you are worthy of taking over after him as the tribe leader.

To do this you have to prove yourself in battle, hunting and trading".

You also need to find and bring back 10 horses to your tribe as a show of respect.

Your path has taken you to an unknown valley that you need to explore.

Your first task should be to find other indians and train them to be warriors under your control.

They will be a valuable help in your quest to reach your goals.

The game is played on a map built with 100 different land cards and can be played by 2-4 players. The players will build the map during the game. This way, no game will ever be on the same map. So even if the map is built with cards, this game is more of a boardgame then it is a cardgame.

The players will receive their tibes 5 moving cards (Black, White, Blue and red). Each player deside in what order he want to play each card and move acc to the card he plays. When all 5 cards has been used they be picked up and used again in next moving cicle. This way no dice are used and the game becomes more skill then luck.

Plan your attacks by using moving cards that gives bonus and land tiles that are good to attack or defend on. Battle other tribes is only about 20% of the game but you have to build up so you can defend your chief and your resourses.

You will see on each land tile and moving card what they will do so the rules are very easy to learn and follow. No need to spend a lot of time on the rulebook. So get started....

Discover the map

Find and train new warriors

Collect items

Craft items

Battle other tribes

Hunt buffalos

Raid wagons

Mine gold

and much more in this nice Wild West game...

May the spirits be with you on your journey!



21 Playing cards

100 Dig map cards

21 Big content cards

150 Supply tokens
1 Rulebook
1 game box

Price: $41.99


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