The Magic rings

"Tree dark wizards have taken control over the kingdom by placing spells on all the castles and there citizens. You are an honorably knight and have sworn an oath to serve and protect people. You arrive with a hand full of good soldiers in a quest to break the spells and become the new king and give peace and hope to the people. You have found out that each castle is controlled by tree magic rings.
Magic rings that the wizards had spread out in the forests...
Find and bring the correct rings and place them in a castle to break the spell and take control over it.
The more castles you take control over, the better chance you have to become the king of the whole land... You are not alone... Other knights have also come to have a chance to become the one that gets to rule the kingdom. They are not your enemies, but you will always stay out of one another’s path."

You build the map during the game when you move your knight.
* Form the roads and the forest so it suits your tactics best.
* Use your army camps to guard strategic points no other knight can pass.
* Hide rings from others that you already have taken.

Moving cards will determine whose turn it is to move and one time of 5 turns you even get to move one of both your and another players army camps. The moving machine and the way you build the map when playing, gives the game that extra touch. No game you play will ever be the same...

Your tactic changes after the map, based on what hex tiles you and the other players draw and how you decide to place them. Tactic that worked for you in one game might not work at all in your next game...



80 Hex map tiles
1 deck of turn cards
1 deck of quest cards
4 knight pawns (black,white,red,blue)
36 tokens (black,white,red,blue)
72 stickers for the tokens
24 rings (Black,white,red,blue,yellow,green)
1 game box

Price: $80.99


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