"You and your friends found some potion bottles that said would shrink you.
You all drank some potion just to try it out since it came with antidote. Nothing happened for 4 hours and with the 3 antidote potions in your pocket, you went home.
You did not get very far until the potion finally kicked in… You passed out and landed in the sand. You woke up only ½” high and in ant territory.
The antidote bottles you had in your pocket had also shrunk but on your way down, you must have dropped them so they are now spread out in the sand.
All you have in your pockets are a lighter and a slingshot.
Find the three bottles and drink them so you can be big again… "


You need to complete 3 missions to win the game. To do this you need to do challenges first. Challenges will give you items you need both for surviving and for the missions.
The enemy in the game... Ants…. and lots of them…
For every step in the game you make, more ants will be added. Pick your battles because you will not be able to kill them all.
• Team up with a grasshopper to gain more power in your battle with ants
• Light torches to be able to move among ants and keep them away
• Find stones and use them as ammunition for you slingshot to kill more ants when you’re swarmed.
• Find food in shape of berries to heal you from battles that didn’t went so well.

Don’t be a hero….
Focus on your mission…. or die trying….

Easy game to learn and high replay value…


1 Big game board
1 Rulebook
6 blank dices (4 black, 1 white, 1 red)
72 stickers for the dices (36 for the dices and 36 extra)
2 deck of cards (Challenge cards and Mission cards)
4 player cards
4 player pawns (black, red, white, yellow)
12 pawns to keep track of supplies
128 ant shards
4 grasshopper shards
8 damage shards
1 game box

Price: $58.99


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