Dragon Quest

"You have arrived to the island in your quest to kill the dragon that terrorizes the land...
Your first task will be to collect supplies to the villages so they will trade you the village stones. You need the village stones to enter the dragon lair.

Travel through deep jungles and high mountains always ready to defend your self...
Search for weapons you can use against the creatures of the island. You will come face to face with creatures of the jungle and the orc clans that control the mountains...
Prepare yourself with all the supplies and weapons you need to take on the dragon"

This turned out to be a very awesome game that can be played and enjoyed by all ages. The rules are easy to learn and it will be game you will play many times. What makes the game so fun?
Well... The game can turn very fast because you can use many different tactics and always decide what risks you are willing to take.

You come face to face with a very angry gorilla in a jungle... He strikes you hard and you lose some health. What do you do? Do you fight or try to hide from him? If you hide you will not be able to search the area.. If you fight him without a weapon, you might lose much of your health... Do you want to use a good weapon or do you save it for something bigger and stronger. If you save it and lose all your health you have to return to the ship.

What about the fight with the Dragon? Do you want to take a chance and search more areas for better weapons and herbs before you enter the Dragon lair? Someone else might kill the Dragon…

You race another player to trade a village, 2 wood pieces for a village stone you need. Do you have energy herbs that make you go faster so you can beat him to the village? When someone gets to the village and make the trade they might request other supplies for the next village stone...

The tactics are many and will keep changing during the game.

2-6 players is recommended but you can also play it on your own (You vs the island) or co-op (Players vs the island). When you play together with a friend against the island you can give your friend stuff you have found, when you are in the same area. Help your friend with supplies he needs to trade the village for the stone he don’t have. Help your friend with a good weapon if you have 2-3 of them. If your friend is down, move to the area his in and heal him with herbs you have.

All the parts and cards can give the impression that the game is hard to learn and have many tricky rules. This is totally wrong. All the cards have pictures that explain what they do and are good for. I promise that it will only take around 10 min in game time, for a 10 year old to learn the game, and he/she will love it…


1 dice D12
1 dice D6
1 sticker dice
1 Map board (map over the island)
6 “Player boards”
1 deck of jungle area cards
1 deck of mountain area cards
1 deck of dragon lair cards
1 deck of search cards
6 characters
6 black village stones
6 red village stones
6 white village stones
6 yellow village stones
6 red health pawns
20 barrels
20 stones
20 timbers
1 large pro box

Price: $78.99


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