Hunt Advanced Warfare

The world looks different and two great nations fight over the total control over Europe

and parts of old Asia.
You are the Commander of Cheif and have the control over your nations armies. All armies are controlled from a mobile base that needs to be protected. Your target is to take out the other nations mobile base and by doing so gain the control over the whole region.

Hunt Advanced warfare is played by two persons and has elements from both Risk, Stratego and Axis and allies. Even if the elements exist from theses games, Hunt Advanced warfare is played on its own totally unique way.

* All battles is played with both using dices and cards.
Each player has the same 5 war cards to use in each battle. This
makes each battle outcome more tactic and not just based on luck.
* Both players also have the same set of 22 Hunt cards. Cards that
can be played in the game to get tactical advantage in battles, movements and intel.
* A player cant see what kind of army forces the other player have in a
country unless he attacks it or send in a spy plane.
This makes the game more realistic and tactical since its up to each
player to keep track of the information he have about the other
players armies and where they are located.

Hunt can seem like a "pricey game" but it include many items in good quality to stand

for many, many game nights. Its a very solid war game with a really huge replay value.


1 big game board (27"x18") showing map of a future Europe
72 units with 6 different type of armies (36 units of each color)
6 factories (3 factories of each color)
10 War cards (5 cards of each color)
44 Hunt cards (22 cards of each color)
24 dices of 4 different kinds (12 dices of each color)
and a rule-book with rules that is not that hard to learn.

Price: $87.99


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