Expedition Bat Island

A new species of bat has been discovered on an uninhabited island off the coast of Africa. It is an aggressive species but the feces from these bats have been used by natives on close by islands, to heal wounds and cure feverish illnesses. This information has made pharmaceutical companies very interested, and the race is on to capture and investigate this new species.

The players have been hired by various companies to visit the island and catch 5 bats. To be able to build and set traps, a base camp and outposts first must be set up. The base camp must be built in a desert area to affect the island's wildlife as little as possible and three outposts can be built, one in each nature area (one in a forest area, one in a grassland area and one in a mountain area). There are also places on the island with hidden traps that natives have used. These places were marked out on maps and these maps can be found on the island.

Play cards to be able to do actions on the map. Collect wood, stone and sand for building materials and hunt animals with your bow to gain food. The more traps you build, the better your chances are to catch bats...

The first player that traps 5 bats will win the game...

Fun game with many twists and tactics!


12 Island map cards

63 Expedition Bat Island cards

4 Point tracker cards

4 Hidden map trap cards

20 Wood pieces in 4 different colours

4 Female character pawns

1 T12 dice

150 Circle tokens

1 Rulebook
1 game box

Price: $44.99


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