The Jurassic Park was a disaster and it closed soon after it had opened the gates for tourists. The islands were abandoned, and the dinosaurs lived their life with no interference from humans.

10 years later, news of an active volcano hits the front pages of newspapers all over the world. The volcano is going to destroy all life on the islands and the race to save the animals have started.

Play as one of the expeditions trying to save these magnificent animals.

7-days is a deck building / worker placement game that let you plan what to use and when to use it, to be able to get the best results for your expedition…

To move on the map you need transportation, but you will also need equipment to be able to succeed. The game dont include any dices since all your actions are based on where you place your workers and how you play your cards.

• Move by foot, boat and helicopter.

• Use machetes, tranquillizer guns and transport helicopters to catch and move dinosaurs.

• Use DNA to clone dinosaurs that has been caught.

• Hunt for dinosaur eggs.

• Focus on special missions to gain extra points.

You decide your own tactics but remember…

You only have 7 days before the volcano destroys everything…

The price for the game is on the higher scale but the game have a lot of parts. All parts in the game has also been made big to makes the gaming experience better and raise the quality feeling of the game.



1 Game board

4 Island cards

88 Expedition cards

32 Egg mission cards

20 Dinosaur cards

160 Big tokens

29 Game pieces
1 Rulebook
1 game box

Price: $77.99


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