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Stairway to Heaven: Island of Oahu, Hawaii..!
The Haiku Stairs, or the Stairway to Heaven, is a semi-secret forbidden hike on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The stairs were originally built in 1943 to install antenna cables as part of a larger military radio communication system to communicate with US Navy submarines as far away as Tokyo Bay. The original wooden steps were replaced by metal, cable-supported stairs in the early 1950s when the US Coast Guard took over the installation. Soon after, the military decommissioned the entire site and it was opened to the public–until 1987.

Beautiful Tree-House, Santa Monica

The Maldivesis an island nation located several hundred kilometres southwest of Sri Lanka and is the smallest Asian country in terms of population (300k). Tourism is the country’s biggest foreign exchange earners and the photos will show why the Maldives is one of the most beautiful places on this world.

One of the most amazing inventions of Japan emerged a few years ago and named after Seagaia Ocean Dome, this is an artificial beach with sand, waves, temperature and water. The Seagaia Ocean Dome is ideal for those who want to enjoy the beach throughout the year, since it has a temperature 30 degrees Celsius constant averaging them throughout the year. It also has the perfect blue water and stable temperature all the time. It is ideal for those wanting to surf as it has regulated wind which causes some small waves.

Amazing little village in India...
Not a good place to have a big party on...

Located near Fiji you find the Poseidon underwater resort.
Accessible by elevator and nestled in the crystal clear cerulean waters of a 5.0000-acre Fijian laggon.
Poseidon undersea resort is the worlds first seafloor resort and the only place where you can spend
the night, 40 feet underwater in incomparable luxury.

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