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I develop and design board games that you can buy online here below if you want. Read more about a game by clicking on the game logos here below. You will also find pictures of the games, video clips on some and game rules in pdf format on some. All games are professional made by "Game Crafter" located in USA.

How to order:
If you want to buy a game just press the "Order this game" button under the game you want. The link take you to that games page at "Game crafter". On this page you will be able to read some more about the game, see pictures and of cause be able to place an order for the game.

"Game crafter" will then make the game for you and its also "Game crafter" you will make your payment to once you have placed your order.

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You have arrived at a Haitian island located well hidden in a lake. This island holds many treasures, and you arrive in a helicopter to explore its secrets.

But this is not a normal place. As soon as you hit the ground a deadly mist starts to spread out over the island. Your helicopter pilot informs you that he can only stay 33 days and with that information you head out into the jungle...

Be the player that manage to do most missions on the island before the time has run out. Collect items you need to survive and craft items you need for the missions. Always keep an eye on the clock so you dont end up stuck on the island that will kill you.

The game can be played player vs player with up to 4 players but it can also be played players vs the island with up to 4 players.

You can choose to play 13 or 23 days instead of 33 days if you want to shorten the play time.

The game can take up to 4-5 hours to play, without you even think of it.


Atlantis "board game"


1 Rule book

4 Player cards

1 First on the trail card

1 Voodoo warrior card

2 Crafting guide cards

31 Island cards

59 Expedition cards

24 Mission cards

300 Supply and item tiles

4 Player pawns

8 Native helper pawns

4 slider clips

1 yellow cube

2 Dices

1 box

Price: 62,99 USD     Coming Soon!!!!!!!!


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Atlantis is a chess-like game but you only use 2 kings and 8 pawns. The cards will tell you how you can move your units and all cards in a game are placed faced-up on the table for both players to see.

So no luck, only pure skill...

You can buy the game as a complete game or you can buy the light version. The light version comes without a game board and moving pieces. Instead you use a chess board, the two kings and 8 pawns.


Atlantis "light version"


18 cards

Card box (Rules on the box)

Price: 6,99 USD

Atlantis "board game"


18 Cards

25 square game board tiles

1 box (rules on the box)

Price: 26,99 USD


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"You are a native American indian warrior, son of a great indian chief.

You are on a journey to prove that you are worthy of taking over after him as the tribe leader.

To do this you have to prove yourself in battle, hunting and trading".

You also need to find and bring back 10 horses to your tribe as a show of respect.

Your path has taken you to an unknown valley that you need to explore.

our first task should be to find other indians and train them to be warriors under your control.

They will be a valuable help in your quest to reach your goals.

The game is played on a map built with 100 different land cards and can be played by 2-4 players. The players will build the map during the game. This way, no game will ever be on the same map. So even if the map is built with cards, this game is more of a boardgame then it is a cardgame.

The players will receive their tibes 5 moving cards (Black, White, Blue and red). Each player deside in what order he want to play each card and move acc to the card he plays. When all 5 cards has been used they be picked up and used again in next moving cicle. This way no dice are used and the game becomes more skill then luck.

Plan your attacks by using moving cards that gives bonus and land tiles that are good to attack or defend on. Battle other tribes is only about 20% of the game but you have to build up so you can defend your chief and your resourses.

You will see on each land tile and moving card what they will do so the rules are very easy to learn and follow. No need to spend a lot of time on the rulebook. So get started....

Discover the map

Find and train new warriors

Collect items

Craft items

Battle other tribes

Hunt buffalos

Raid wagons

Mine gold

and much more in this nice Wild West game...

May the spirits be with you on your journey!



21 Playing cards

100 Dig map cards

21 Big content cards

150 Supply tokens
1 Rulebook
1 game box

Price: 39,99 USD


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Pirate is a trick tacking game that also have a side-game were you can attack the other players and try to steel their gold.

To prevent losing gold you need to build a base on an island and add a good defence to that base.

To be able to steel gold, you have to build a ship and add canons to that ship.

You gain resourses by tacking tricks and use those resourses to arm your self for coming battles.



54 Playing cards

32 Mini cards

148 supply tiles

1 Rulebook
1 game box

Price: 32,99 USD      Coming soon!!!!!!

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The world looks different and two great nations fight over the total control over Europe

and parts of old Asia.
You are the Commander of Cheif and have the control over your nations armies. All armies are controlled from a mobile base that needs to be protected. Your target is to take out the other nations mobile base and by doing so gain the control over the whole region.

Hunt Advanced warfare is played by two persons and has elements from both Risk, Stratego and Axis and allies. Even if the elements exist from theses games, Hunt Advanced warfare is played on its own totally unique way.

* All battles is played with both using dices and cards.
Each player has the same 5 war cards to use in each battle. This
makes each battle outcome more tactic and not just based on luck.
* Both players also have the same set of 22 Hunt cards. Cards that
can be played in the game to get tactical advantage in battles, movements and intel.
* A player cant see what kind of army forces the other player have in a
country unless he attacks it or send in a spy plane.
This makes the game more realistic and tactical since its up to each
player to keep track of the information he have about the other
players armies and where they are located.

Hunt can seem like a "pricey game" but it include many items in good quality to stand

for many, many game nights. Its a very solid war game with a really huge replay value.


1 big game board (27"x18") showing map of a future Europe
72 units with 6 different type of armies (36 units of each color)
6 factories (3 factories of each color)
10 War cards (5 cards of each color)
44 Hunt cards (22 cards of each color)
24 dices of 4 different kinds (12 dices of each color)
and a rule-book with rules that is not that hard to learn.

Price: 86,99 USD.


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"Tree dark wizards have taken control over the kingdom by placing spells on all the castles and there citizens. You are an honorably knight and have sworn an oath to serve and protect people. You arrive with a hand full of good soldiers in a quest to break the spells and become the new king and give peace and hope to the people. You have found out that each castle is controlled by tree magic rings.
Magic rings that the wizards had spread out in the forests...
Find and bring the correct rings and place them in a castle to break the spell and take control over it.
The more castles you take control over, the better chance you have to become the king of the whole land... You are not alone... Other knights have also come to have a chance to become the one that gets to rule the kingdom. They are not your enemies, but you will always stay out of one another’s path."

You build the map during the game when you move your knight.
* Form the roads and the forest so it suits your tactics best.
* Use your army camps to guard strategic points no other knight can pass.
* Hide rings from others that you already have taken.

Moving cards will determine whose turn it is to move and one time of 5 turns you even get to move one of both your and another players army camps. The moving machine and the way you build the map when playing, gives the game that extra touch. No game you play will ever be the same...

Your tactic changes after the map, based on what hex tiles you and the other players draw and how you decide to place them. Tactic that worked for you in one game might not work at all in your next game...



80 Hex map tiles
1 deck of turn cards
1 deck of quest cards
4 knight pawns (black,white,red,blue)
36 tokens (black,white,red,blue)
72 stickers for the tokens
24 rings (Black,white,red,blue,yellow,green)
1 game box

Price: 69,99 USD


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You have arrived to the country side to settle up a home.
To do this you need supplies. You need to find gold, timber, food and stones.

You gain supplies by winning tricks... Use the supplies you gain to build buildings to your settlement and be that much closer to win the game...

"Play 2 cards instead of 1 in a trick to have better chance of winning, play a thief and steal supply from another player, play a storm card and change the trump.... "

There are many different tactics to use when playing your cards to get the supplies you want...

Check the game rules and the action shots and you will get a good picture of a game you want to have in your collection... Not so hard rules and crazy fun to play....



118 Cards
1 Rulebook
1 game box

Price: 24,99 USD

Action 4
Action 5
Action 1
Action 2
Action 3
Action 6
Action 12
Action 7
Action 8
Action 9
Action 10
Action 11

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"You have arrived to the island in your quest to kill the dragon that terrorizes the land...
Your first task will be to collect supplies to the villages so they will trade you the village stones. You need the village stones to enter the dragon lair.

Travel through deep jungles and high mountains always ready to defend your self...
Search for weapons you can use against the creatures of the island. You will come face to face with creatures of the jungle and the orc clans that control the mountains...
Prepare yourself with all the supplies and weapons you need to take on the dragon"

This turned out to be a very awesome game that can be played and enjoyed by all ages. The rules are easy to learn and it will be game you will play many times. What makes the game so fun?
Well... The game can turn very fast because you can use many different tactics and always decide what risks you are willing to take.

You come face to face with a very angry gorilla in a jungle... He strikes you hard and you lose some health. What do you do? Do you fight or try to hide from him? If you hide you will not be able to search the area.. If you fight him without a weapon, you might lose much of your health... Do you want to use a good weapon or do you save it for something bigger and stronger. If you save it and lose all your health you have to return to the ship.

What about the fight with the Dragon? Do you want to take a chance and search more areas for better weapons and herbs before you enter the Dragon lair? Someone else might kill the Dragon…

You race another player to trade a village, 2 wood pieces for a village stone you need. Do you have energy herbs that make you go faster so you can beat him to the village? When someone gets to the village and make the trade they might request other supplies for the next village stone...

The tactics are many and will keep changing during the game.

2-6 players is recommended but you can also play it on your own (You vs the island) or co-op (Players vs the island). When you play together with a friend against the island you can give your friend stuff you have found, when you are in the same area. Help your friend with supplies he needs to trade the village for the stone he don’t have. Help your friend with a good weapon if you have 2-3 of them. If your friend is down, move to the area his in and heal him with herbs you have.

All the parts and cards can give the impression that the game is hard to learn and have many tricky rules. This is totally wrong. All the cards have pictures that explain what they do and are good for. I promise that it will only take around 10 min in game time, for a 10 year old to learn the game, and he/she will love it…


1 dice D12
1 dice D6
1 sticker dice
1 Map board (map over the island)
6 “Player boards”
1 deck of jungle area cards
1 deck of mountain area cards
1 deck of dragon lair cards
1 deck of search cards
6 characters
6 black village stones
6 red village stones
6 white village stones
6 yellow village stones
6 red health pawns
20 barrels
20 stones
20 timbers
1 large pro box

Price: 69,99 USD


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"Your have received a quest from the king of the kingdom "Waterfire"....

Find six ancient gold doubloons, return them to our museum and you shall be generously rewarded."

To you help you have transportation as taxis, buses, trains, ships and airplanes... but most important, you have agents. Agents that will help you to locate the coins...

But hurry up... the other players have received the same quest as you and they also have agents...

The game is played on a map over the kingdom of Waterfire. You move around by using cards and no game will be the same. You start the game with 5 travel cards and one destination card. The travel cards tells you what transportation you can use and the destination card tells you where you have to go.

You then plan your trip based on the cards. Once you have played a travel card and moved, you draw a new travel card. From most of the cities you can choose 2-4 different transportation's.

First player that deliver 6 doubloons to the museum wins the game so plan your trip well...

2-6 players.

Very fun and extremely easy to learn . My kids and there friends love this game. I made the game year 2007 and it has been well used since then. That version was hand drawn on paper and carton board.
My kids were 6 and 8 when I made the game and they still picks this game on family evenings.

Even more now when we have a professional version of it.
Iv noticed that one of the things that makes the game so appreciated by kids, is that there are very little waiting time. Your move is made fast and by the time you have figured out where to go next, most of the other players has done there moves. And since all cards have pictures instead of words, even the small kids can play...

Have fun...


1 Board (18"x18") Map over the kingdom "Waterfire"
1 Deck of travel cards (80 cards)
1 Deck of agent cards (36 cards)
6 Pawns
36 Gold doubloons
1 Document with rules
1 Large pro box top wrap

Price: 47,99 USD


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“You have arrived at Death Valley in the big desert of Tarrazo.
Death Valley got its name from the deadly water in all oasis that are located in the area.
You’re here because you have heard the legend of the beautiful crystals that can be found here. The area is hard to navigate in but you have found an old map that lets you calculate your route with good precision as long as you manage to stay on course.”

If you like games where you really can mess it up for other players, this is the game for you...
Players plan their move by using 5 out of 10 moving cards...
All players then move acc to the cards they have picked.
During the movements they will all do what they can to mess up the other players moves and put them out of track from the path they have planned.

"Mike is so happy because he are one step away from getting a crystal...
Now you play him a fake map and you get to change places on 2 of his moving cards... So instead of going one step to the left as he had planned he go one step to the right and straight into a poisoned lake and lose one in health... And when he finally get to the crystal you play a thief and steal it..."
Mike wants payback so he play a "Night card" on you that makes you lose one in health...
His happy again....
But only for a few seconds since you now play a "fireplace card" that protect you from the night..."

Read the rules and check the action shots to get a good picture of how this awesome game works...

Its so fun to destroy for others... and then shoot them down when they try to give payback.

Warning... Don't play the game when drinking... might not be healthy!
Have tried that 3-4 times and it can easy turn into WorldWar 3... :)


6 pawns
6 health trackers
36 crystals
1 big game board
64 moving cards
54 action cards
1 rule book
1 sand timer
1 big game box

Price: 55,99 USD


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"You have nothing more then the cloth on your body.
Determined to make money you decide to form your own gang and work as a hired gun."

Get your gang together and head out to complete a mission.
You will move over the whole landscape, fight bandits, mine gold, collect timber, handling cattle’s and avoid Indians in this awesome Wild West game…


1 Big game board
1 Rulebook
5 blank dices (4 black, 1 white)
1 white dice
30 stickers for the dices
2 deck of cards (Quest cards and Bandits cards)
4 player pawns (black, red, white, blue)
63 different typ of shards
1 game box

Price: 47,99 USD


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"You and your friends found some potion bottles that said would shrink you.
You all drank some potion just to try it out since it came with antidote. Nothing happened for 4 hours and with the 3 antidote potions in your pocket, you went home.
You did not get very far until the potion finally kicked in… You passed out and landed in the sand. You woke up only ½” high and in ant territory.
The antidote bottles you had in your pocket had also shrunk but on your way down, you must have dropped them so they are now spread out in the sand.
All you have in your pockets are a lighter and a slingshot.
Find the three bottles and drink them so you can be big again… "


You need to complete 3 missions to win the game. To do this you need to do challenges first. Challenges will give you items you need both for surviving and for the missions.
The enemy in the game... Ants…. and lots of them…
For every step in the game you make, more ants will be added. Pick your battles because you will not be able to kill them all.
• Team up with a grasshopper to gain more power in your battle with ants
• Light torches to be able to move among ants and keep them away
• Find stones and use them as ammunition for you slingshot to kill more ants when you’re swarmed.
• Find food in shape of berries to heal you from battles that didn’t went so well.

Don’t be a hero….
Focus on your mission…. or die trying….

Easy game to learn and high replay value…


1 Big game board
1 Rulebook
6 blank dices (4 black, 1 white, 1 red)
72 stickers for the dices (36 for the dices and 36 extra)
2 deck of cards (Challenge cards and Mission cards)
4 player cards
4 player pawns (black, red, white, yellow)
12 pawns to keep track of supplies
128 ant shards
4 grasshopper shards
8 damage shards
1 game box

Price: 58,99 USD


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"Your standing with your army facing the enemies army...
On a given command arrows are in the air and swords starts swinging against one another..."


The battle is played by cards in a very tactical way, battle for battle...
Lose a battle and you lose a unit.
The first player that loses all his units will lose the game. The best way for you to find out how great this game really is, are to check out the action pictures and to read the rules....
The rules are not so hard to understand but the game really takes a mind of a tactic player to win....

Just read the rules, look at the action pictures and buy a copy...
The game will be one of your top 3 games to play with a friend...
2 player game... 


2 deck of battle cards, one for each player
1 deck of strategy cards
48 unit cards
6 force cards
1 card box

Price: 29,99 USD


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Your have arrived with your army to take the control over an island.
To win you have to take out 10 units from other players or take control over 10 stars.
Sounds simple? Well... its not...

Same as Chess there is no dice, no luck... pure skill...
Its all in how you move your units...

If you like chess... You will like Battle Island...
If you win its only because your smarter then the rest...
At least in the game you win...

Same rules even if your 4 players... but more tactic...
Very simple rules... Very easy to learn... but Very hard to master...
The rules is printed on the backside of the game box but can also be download


64 Game tokens with stickers

1 game board

1 Box

Price: 49,99 USD

Battle Island Rules

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"Mouse take cheese, cat take mouse, dog take cat.... and unlucky dog get taken by the dog catcher...

Bird take seeds, cat take bird, dog take cat...

Cat take fish, dog take cat, wolf pack take dog..."

Last card in every round give points.
Be the one with most points to win the game...

Really fun card game to play with the family.
Easy to learn and very nice pictures of animals.
After a few games you will start counting cards and the game will become more tactical then it seems...


90 cards
1 card box

Price: 14,99 USD


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